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Perfect Plastering

Plasterwork is a specialist skill developed over the centuries, and one of the most common aspects of building and home improvement to this day.

The quality of plasterwork can make or break a room - even if you're planning to wallpaper over it. Smooth walls make for clean lines - whether you plan to leave the plaster natural, painted, or wallpapered over.

Not only can high quality plasterwork improve the surface of your walls and ceilings, but it can also iron out bumps, and make corners square - although in some cases, people love to retain the uneven, quaint feel of older properties with impefect angles.

At AP Plastering & Tiling, we listen to your needs, and advise on the best rendering solutions for your property, ensuring a finish that's appropriate for your designs, durable and ultimately visually appealing.

Why not give us a call today, and learn just how easy, and inexpensive plasterwork can be?


Plaster Repair

It's not always necessary to undertake total replastering of a room just to correct a few issues.

We can carry out repair work on:

  • Wall or ceiling cracks
  • Ceiling replacement
  • 'Blown' plaster
  • Water damaged plaster
  • Electrical / pipework replastering


Sometimes, people get bored of plain walls or ceilings, or want to disguise imperfect angles and uneven walls.

Artex is a surface coating used on interior walls and ceilings that allowes for patterns and textures to be rendered.

Although it's most commonly found on ceilings - it's a great way to create a feature wall that cab be painted over time and time again too.


Coving can really soften the harsh lines where ceiling and wall meet.

For some ultra-modern finishes, coving isn't used, but for the majority of homes, coving makes a real difference.

We can supply and fit all forms of coving and architectural mouldings, including mantelpieces, support brackets and panels.

Exterior Rendering

Rendering parts, or all of a building's exterior can not only add value to it, but can significantly improve the aesthetics and weather protection too.

You're be suprised at how many homes are transformed with high quality external rendering - effective against the elements, durable for years to come, and adding 'design' to your home or building.

Let AP Plastering & Tiling make a difference to YOUR home.

Damp Proofing

Rising damp is a common problem in older properties either because no damp proof course (DPC) was provided at the time of building, or because a physical membrane has failed or been 'bridged'.

In the majority of cases the provision of a remedial damp proof course is a cost effective and minimal disturbance option.

We use Wykamol products for waterproofing, condensation problems, timber treatments and structural rising damp.

Quality Assured

Our aim is to provide high quality at affordable prices. We don't believe you should have to over pay for quality workmanship.

All products and materials used by us are of the highest quality, and all of our services are carried out to impeccable standards.

Our friendly, professional workforce go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction - not only in our professionalism, but the quality of our work.